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    Question JavaScript Website Loop ....HeLp pls!

    Hey all, I need help creating a Javascript loop which posts a single static comment to all videos on a website(unless another language would prove to be a better alternative?) I'm not sure where to start and although I have an idea, my lack of programming skills have left me to turn to forums...any help would be greatly appreciated.

    *not asking for coding necessarily. Links to relative information pertaining to such a program/"loop", and any comments helping me understand what I'm trying to do would be great...I'm just not sure what to search for lol. Im still learning, just need helping starting a project. Thanks.
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    JavaScript can *NOT* affect the content of pages from a website OTHER than the page where the JavaScript was loaded from.

    So you'd have to be able to add your code to a page on the site where all the videos are being displayed from.

    And if you have that capability, you probably don't need to use JavaScript to do this.

    This is called "cross-domain" scripting and browser don't allow it.
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