Hi all! I started using the JS-based Free Flash MP3 player on a site, but I'm stuck on what I thought would be a simple step. I tried their site for help, but at first their contact form was broken, and now their site is no longer up

Here's what I'm trying to do, I need this player to access an external folder to generate the playlist. However, the player says to use a "relative" path only:
<!-- Script that embeds player. -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject("flashmp3player.swf", "player", "675", "300", "9"); // Location of swf file. You can change player width and height here (using pixels or percents).
so.addVariable("content_path", "http://www.blessedhopeministries.com/sermons/Rev.%20Eddie%20Conard/"); // Location of a folder with mp3 files (relative to php script).
so.addVariable("color_path","default.xml"); // Location of xml file with color settings.
so.addVariable("script_path","flashmp3player.php"); // Location of php script.
I need it to access: http://www.blessedhopeministries.com...ddie%20Conard/

These are both of my client's sites, but I'm just trying to upload to one central folder so that two players on two separate sites can access the same files. Here's a piece of JS that is in a .php file associated with this player. I'm not sure if it will help, but here it is:
class ID3{

   var $file_name=''; //full path to the file
   					  //the sugestion is that this path should be a
                      //relative path
   var $tags;   //array with ID3 tags extracted from the file
   var $last_error_num=0; //keep the number of the last error ocurred
   var $tags_count = 0; // the number of elements at the tags array
I'd appreciate any help from you pros and I apologize if I didn't post in the correct place. Thank you!