I am hoping someone can offer some advice on a web project I am making.

Please see


click the ‘controls’ button in the bottom right hand corner and a horizontal panel will open. Notice there are some thumbnails and descriptions. This is a thumbnail scroller, the right and left arrows should scroll content along, but I just cant get it to work.

If I take the thumbnail div out of the control footer panel it works, so I know it is coded okay. I think the problem is having 1 jquery effect inside another one ?

The code for the footer panel is no longer online http://www.skyrocketlabs.com/404.php but I think you can see by looking at the js in my footer.

And the code from the scroller is here


funnily enough if I make changes live using firebug, it works ! Its like it makes the scroller active, when it is not when the page loads.

This problem is driving me nuts for 3 weeks now, I would be so grateful for some expert opinions.

Many thanks and best wishes,