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I wanted to learn or at least pick at the code you did. I didn't want to achieve a drop down combo box like that. I wanted to accomplish this: http://onecannon.com/test

however I see that if I click the hide arrow in the Tan Bronzers section the Tan Accelerators opens up (an undesired effect). But it works fine if I click the actual image to open and close the desired section.

EDIT: I saw that I had the 2nd show_hide class labeled the same as the first class.
Your initial request was unclear to me. I thought you were trying to modify the posted code.

The posted code is nothing like the link you included. That type of display is usually referred to as an "Accordion Menu"

Accordion menus are just a variation of the show/hide or toggle scripts. There are a bunch of examples on this and other forums.

Finally, based upon your EDIT: remarks, are you done and satisfied with answers given in this thread?
If yes, post a 'resolved' message. You will not be able to resolve the thread of posts as it was started by a different person.
This is why it is always a good idea to not hijack another thread, but start your own. It's OK to reference the thread you wish to discuss, but you should do it under your own name.

Good Luck!