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    Question Display Alphabetically only one letter at a time


    I want to display my listings like they do here: http://www.ticketnetwork.com/performers/concerts/a.aspx

    The code on my end calling the third party service looks like this:

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    document.write('<script language="javascript" src="http://###########.com/?bid='+####+'&sitenumber='+#+'&tid=event_names&pcatid=2&showcats=true&title=Concerts Tickets"></' + 'script>');

    How do I make it only display one letter at a time? I believe some variation on the sort method might work...

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    They are doing it by actually having separate pages for each letter.

    Didn't you notice that the page changes from "a.aspx" to "b.aspx" (etc.) as you change letters?

    They are doing it 100% server side, no JavaScript funnies involved.

    *IF* your list of *ALL* events/letters isn't too long, then doing it in JS code is pretty trivial. You'd just put each letter into a separate "panel" and then activate one panel at a time.

    Instead of using document.write, it would probably make more sense to use XMLHTTP in synchronous mode (that is, SJAX as opposed to AJAX) to get the contents, put them in your JS array, sort the array, and *THEN* create the panels.

    If you showed us an example of what that "feed" sends to you, it would be easier to help.
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