Hi Guys, I'm trying to do up a contact form that after a user submits the information, the drop down contact box will slide back up instead of redirecting to another page. The script works fine in Chrome and Safari, but Firefox and IE keeps redirecting to the php page. Hope someone can shed some light here, thanks!

Html form:

	<div class="left">
				<!-- Login Form -->
				<form class="clearfix" action="contactengine.php" name="cform" method="post">
					<h4>Drop us a mail</h4>
					<label class="grey" for="emailName">Name:</label>
					<input class="field" type="text" name="emailName" id="emailName" value="" size="23" />
					<label class="grey" for="emailFrom">Email Address:</label>
					<input class="field" type="text" name="emailFrom" id="emailFrom" value="" size="23" />
					<label class="grey" for="message">Message:</label>
                    <textarea type="text" name="message" id="message" size="23"></textarea>
        			<div class="clear"></div>
					<input type="submit" rows="" cols="" name="submit" value="Submit" class="bt_register" />
					<span id="messageSent">Message sent successfully!</span>
				<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
//You should create the validator only after the definition of the HTML form
  var frmvalidator  = new Validator("cform");
  frmvalidator.addValidation("emailName","req","Please enter your Name");
  frmvalidator.addValidation("emailName","maxlen=20",	"Max length for Name is 20");
  frmvalidator.addValidation("emailFrom","maxlen=50",	"Max length for email is 50");
  frmvalidator.addValidation("emailFrom","req","Please enter your Email");
  frmvalidator.addValidation("emailFrom","email","Please enter a valid email");

			<div class="left right">			
				<!-- Register Form -->
					<h4>Contact Details</h4>				
					<p class="grey"><b>XXX<br /></b>XXX<br />XXX<br />XXX</p>
					<p class="grey">T: 999<br />F: 999</p>
					<h5>Stalk Us</h5>
					<a href="index.html"><img src="misc/fb.png" border="0" alt="Facebook" /></a> <a href="index.html"><img src="misc/twit.png" border="0" alt="Twitter" /></a>

	<!-- The tab on top -->	
	<div class="tab">
		<ul class="login">
			<li class="left">&nbsp;</li>
			<li>Hello there</li>
			<li class="sep">|</li>
			<li id="toggle">
				<a id="open" class="open" href="#">Contact Us</a>
				<a id="close" style="display: none;" class="close" href="#">Close Panel</a>			
			<li class="right">&nbsp;</li>
	</div> <!-- / top -->
The Slider JS:

$(document).ready(function() {
	// Expand Panel
	// Collapse Panel
	// Switch buttons from "Hey There | Contact us" to "Close Panel" on click
	$("#toggle a").click(function () {
		$("#toggle a").toggle();
   //submission scripts
  $('div#panel').submit( function(){
		//statements to validate the form	
		var filter = /^([a-zA-Z0-9_\.\-])+\@(([a-zA-Z0-9\-])+\.)+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/;
		var email = document.getElementById('emailFrom');
		if (!filter.test(emailFrom.value)) {
		} else {$('.email-missing').hide();}
		if (document.cform.emailName.value == "") {
		} else {$('.name-missing').hide();}	
		if (document.cform.message.value == "") {
		} else {$('.message-missing').hide();}		
		if ((document.cform.emailName.value == "") || (!filter.test(email.value)) || (document.cform.message.value == "")){
			return false;
		if ((document.cform.emailName.value != "") && (filter.test(email.value)) && (document.cform.message.value != "")) {
			//hide the form
			//show the loading bar
			//send the ajax request
			//return the data
			  //hide the graphic
			//waits 2000, then closes the form and fades out
			setTimeout('$("#toggle a").toggle(); $("div#panel").slideUp("slow")', 2000);
			//stay on the page
			return false;
The PHP Code:

PHP Code:

$EmailTo "xxx@xxx.com";
$Subject Trim(stripslashes($_POST['Webmail'])); 
$Name Trim(stripslashes($_POST['emailName'])); 
$Email Trim(stripslashes($_POST['emailFrom'])); 
$Message Trim(stripslashes($_POST['message'])); 

// validation
if (!
$validationOK) {
"<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=error.htm\">";

// prepare email body text
$Body "";
$Body .= "Name: ";
$Body .= $Name;
$Body .= "\n";
$Body .= "Email Adress: ";
$Body .= $Email;
$Body .= "\n";
$Body .= "Message: ";
$Body .= $Message;
$Body .= "\n";

// send email 
$success mail($EmailToWebmail$Body"From: <$EmailFrom>");

// redirect to success page 
if ($success){
"<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=success.html\">";
"<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0;URL=error.htm\">";