Hi there,
I can;t figure out where to change the code/add in code
I have installed Fancybox using jQuery and done all the neccessary steps to ensure it works as popup. However I can't find where to add in code/edit code to make my title left for instance or bold type etc.

This is the code that calls the fancybox website is: http://www.soltoro.com/NEW/projects/elrayo.html

<script> $(document).ready(function() {

	/* This is basic - uses default settings */
	'titlePosition': 'inside'

	/* Using custom settings */
		'hideOnContentClick': true});


	/* Apply fancybox to multiple items */
		'transitionIn'	:	'elastic',
		'transitionOut'	:	'elastic',
		'speedIn'		:	600, 
		'speedOut'		:	200, 
		  'titlePosition'         : 'inside',
		'overlayShow'	:	false