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    Exclamation Firefox Autofill Forms Plugin - Choose random values for forms

    I'm using the autofill forms plugin for firefox which can be found here:


    I use it to automatically fill various web forms, duh. But I would like certain values to be chosend randomly from a list I create.

    I contacted the developer and he said the add on probably does not need a new feature because there is a 'dynamic tags' function to fill certain forms with dynamic values (e.g. the current time or date). He has given over the project to another developer and told me I probably would find a solution in a good javascript programming forum.

    So here I am! Can anyone help me with this? Basically, I just need a javascript code which chooses on item from an array randomly, I guess? I'm not a programmer myself, so any help would be greatly (!) appreciated.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any further guidance!

    Note: Here are sample dynamic tags from the plugin:

    <datetime> new Date().toLocaleString()
    <useragent> navigator.userAgent
    <langcode> navigator.language
    <resolution> screen.width+'x'+screen.height
    <clipboard> this.getClipboardText()
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    Here is a suitable script, but I am puzzled why you want "certain values in a form to be chosen randomly from a list I create" Could you explain the point of this?

    <script type = "text/javascript">
    var myArray = ['One','Two','Three','Four','Five','Six'];  // you can have as many values as you like - remember no comma after the last value.
    function randOrd(){return (Math.round(Math.random())-0.5); }
    myArray.sort(randOrd);  // shuffle the values into random order
    var theRandomValue = myArray[0];
    alert (theRandomValue);  // for testing
    If it is not clear, the first random value is myArray[0], the second random value is myArray[1], and so on. This script has the merit that the same random value cannot be seletced twice (unless he page is refreshed).

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    Thanks for your fast help! But I think I need something else, I'm not sure, though.

    For example, I want to randomly choose between different anchor texts, meta descriptions and keywords when submitting a site to web directories.

    By using autofill forms I can quickly fill all the static values like name, country, agree to terms etc.

    But I'd like to choose certain values randomly from different sets I create. Say, if I had an affiliate website on acne treatment, I could automatically fill the keywords form with:

    acne, acne treatment, acne cure, acne product
    acne, acne remedy, acne home remedies, acne treatment options
    acne, acne scars, acne scar removal, acne cream

    The plugin has a 'dynamic tags' function like I outlined in my first post. It consists of the shortcode for the value, like:


    And you can set a code for each of these dynamic tags, like the sample codes I posted before:

    new Date().toLocaleString()

    Now I need something which looks sort of like this:

    shortcode: <acnetitle>
    code for this dynamic tag: 'Acne Treatment'.or.'Acne Cure'.or.'Acne Help'

    I have never did anything with java script before. I know some html and php, I can create videos, website templates, graphics, game sprites, I know a lot about wordpress.. but there always is something new, it seems. So I'm desperately looking for help with this, I really don't know how to achieve this by myself.

    EDIT1: Here's a screenshot of the plugin menu where you can define the dynamic tags: http://kl.am/bXW7

    EDIT2: Maybe one could also get the values from .txt files if it's not possible to directly enter the code?
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