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    According to your latest code, you don't even validate for humidity & rainfall. All I can see is a validation for "temperature_max" and "temperature_max", which appear to work.

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    Apart from is_leaf_fresh = -1;
    for (i=0;i < thisform.is_leaf_fresh.length; i++)
    which is bound to give trouble in some browsers. Use this instead:-

    ilf = false;	 
    for (i=0;i < thisform.is_leaf_fresh.length;  i++)   {
    if (thisform.is_leaf_fresh[i].checked == true) {
    ilf = true;
    if (!ilf) {
    alert("You must select an option for Fresh Leaf!");
    return false;
    You have

    var numericExpression = /^[0-9]+$/;
    if(temp_max.match(numericExpression) && (temp_max>=0 && temp_max<=50)){
    return true;

    which does exactly that, returns true and submits the form. As "true" is the default it is strictly speaking never necessary to have return true in a form validation. If you do, it should occur only once - right at the end.

    Suggest you use something like this:-

    var temp_max = document.getElementById("temperature_max").value;  // allows decimal values
    // OR var temp_max = parseInt(document.getElementById("temperature_max",10).value); // if only whole numbers are allowed
    if ((isNaN(temp_max)) || (!temp_max) || (temp_max <0) || (temp_max >50)) {
    alert("Max Temperature value should be Numeric & between 0 to 50");
    document.getElementById("temperature_max").value = "";  // clear the field
    myfield = document.getElementById("temperature_max");    // note myfield must be a global variable
    setTimeout('myfield.focus();myfield.select();' , 10);  // refocus on the field - overcome bug in Firefox
    return false;
    There seems to be no validation at all for humidity and rainfall.

    Why are you not using Firebug as suggested?
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