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    How to embed javascript in python?

    Hi All,

    I have a python script on server that automates a certain procedure. It is working fine on the server machine. But for accessing it I need to have a javascript for that.
    I have a python script named test.py
    class autoTest():
     def auto_ftp_download
    It automates a particular application when run through command line.

    I have an apache server setup on window XP. I want to have a python code (with embedded javascript on server) to launch this code on client machine once remotely accessed. Clicking on this script on server (test.py) shall start the automated procedure. I used subprocess.Popen but it wont work if remotely accessed. How can I use javascript to launch it?

    I tried opening notepad.exe using a javascript along with ActiveX object. So on server there was a script named runnotepad.py. Clicking on it reads another file(open("htdocs/test/Upload/wsgi_app/notepad.html", "rb").read()) in the same directory named as notepad.html (with javascript embedded). It worked fine. But I do not know how to make it available to a client to launch that python script (that automates the procedure) from the server??


    Ejaz Shah
    Last edited by ejazshah; 10-14-2009 at 02:11 AM. Reason: More detail added of what exactly I am trying to do and what have I already tried.


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