I am currently working on two webforms(WebForm1 & WebForm2) in ASP.Net - C# code behind. WebForm2 is generated from WebForm1 via a window.open() command. In WebForm2 I am generating a DataGrid of names which the user will choose from. Once the user chooses a name from the DataGrid, I would like to return their choice to a textbox in WebForm1 and close WebForm2. For simplicity sake, I'm using a Session variable right now to pass the name between the two forms.

My problem is getting WebForm1 to refresh/reload and show the name in the textbox. I created a dummy button in WebForm1 and verified that the name was being sent to the textbox and will be displayed when an autopostback event occurs. So how can I generate an autopostback event in WebForm1 when the user clicks the close window button in WebForm2? Or is this restricted for security reasons?

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