Hi using jQuery i want to post info accross to another server to upload an image.

to test the post script all that is in the other file, located on the other server, is echo hello world but keeps timing out.

							$("#uploadImage").bind("click", function(){
								$("#uploadResults").html('Please be patient, uploading image... <img src="images/loader.gif" />'); 
								var name = $("#name").val()
								var postWidth = $("#postWidth").val()
								var postHeight = $("#postHeight").val()
									type: "POST", 
									data: 'imageUpload=true' + '&postWidth=' + postWidth +'&postHeight=' + postHeight + '&username=<?php echo $username; ?>' + '&name=' + name + '&md5Pass=<?php md5(date("zH")); ?>',
									url: 'http://www.actwebdesigns.net/images_c/uploadProccess.php', 
									cache: false, 
									timeout: 4000, 
									error: function(){$("#uploadResults").html(
										"Error: Network connection low"
									success: function(html){$("#uploadResults").html(html);}
any one see why?