I am trying to incorporate Google site search into my company's website and I am having trouble dynamically changing some elements of the target search page. There is a blocker image that runs down the left side of the page for aesthetic purposes only, and I am trying to change the height property of it to match the iframe height property generated by Google's site search so as to ensure that the image runs all the way down the page no matter how much the site search stretches it out. Here is the code I have:

function setHeight()
		var image;
		var frame;
		image = document.getElementById('blocker');
		frame = document.getElementById('GSF');
		if (image && frame)	
			image.height = frame.height;

I edited Google's code to include the id property "GSF" to the script that generates the iframe. This function works reasonably well for a fraction of a second when its called from the onSubmit property of the search form. After that the blocker image goes back to the default size (I guess because the page is being refreshed). Anyone have any ideas what I can do or if I am just going about this all wrong?