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    assigned option value from a different dropdown

    In a javascript brain rut and I need some help! New with this!

    I'm trying to assign a selected value to an option in a dropdown form when another option from a separate dropdown form is clicked on.


    Form 1 >
    option 2 is selected

    when user uses the dropdown on Form 2 and clicks for instance option 7, then I need Form 1 > option 2 to change to Form 1 > option 1

    I hope that makes sense..

    I know it's probably pretty basic (calling a javascript command to assign a value to a certain option right?), I'm just trying to grasp javascript though. Thank you greatly if you can help

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    You left out a key piece of information: the relationship between the two options selected. Is there one? (same value in each select, same position, etc.). It's simple to programmatically (JS) set a drop-down; why you are doing it - the way in which the data from each pair of linked options is related - will help suggest a fuller solution.


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