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    I see you have an id field. Presumably that is the id of the user who filled out the bracket, yes? That is, it is a foreign key to your Users or Members table?

    So your tables should look like this:
    CREATE TABLE members ( /* or name of your choosing */
        memberId INT PRIMARY KEY,
        memberName varchar(...),
        ...other fields describing the member...
    CREATE TABLE teams (
        teamId INT PRIMARY KEY,
        teamName varchar(100),
        seeding INT /* optional */
    CREATE TABLE picks (
        memberId INT REFERENCES members(memerId),
        bracketSlot varchar(10),
        int teamId REFERENCES teams(teamId) 
    In other words, each pick by each person gets a *separate record*.

    And now the PHP code to insert into that table is trivial:

    You simply loop through all the fields in the POST that start with "pick" and insert them, along with the member's id and the team he/she picked, into one record in the PICKS table.
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    Did anyone have a good solution to this? It looks like there were some good ideas, did anyone ever finish it?

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