You can see a working example here: Upon loading, let the flash player play. Then switch to some other option from the top navigation (orange lines on hover) while the video is playing.

The problem is that on IE and Opera the flash player plays in the background even after i switch to a different player by clicking on the options at the top. Its fine in Firefox/Safari.
Heres a code snippet:
/* This is the top navigation */
<li id="wid1" onClick="expand('widget1','widget2','widget3','widget4');chgclass('wid1');return false">MediaMelon Player</li>
<li id="wid2" onClick="expand('widget2','widget3','widget1','widget4');chgclass('wid2');return false">MediaMelon Player with Ads</li>
<li id="wid3" onClick="expand('widget3','widget1','widget2','widget4');chgclass('wid3');return false">MediaMelon API</li>
<li id="wid4" onClick="expand('widget4','widget1','widget2','widget3');chgclass('wid4');return false">HD Widescreen Player</li>

/* One of the flash embed players */
<div id="widget1" style="display:none;"><iframe width='320' height='250' scrolling='no' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe></div>
And the relevant javascript snippet is:
function divStat(id)
				return document.all[id];
				return document.getElementById(id);
function expand(toggle1, toggle2, toggle3, toggle4)
Making "display:none" for the div containing flash doesn't stop flash from running in the background even though the div changes.
How do i let the initial flash player (when the "MediaMelon API" option bar is orange in color) stop playing in background on Ie browsers when i choose some other option?


P.S. Dont bother about the other flash players which require installation of plugin. Just make sure that the "MediaMelon API" flash player is playing so that you can understand what the problem is.