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    Javascript Compatibility between FF and IE

    I am battling with a compatibility problem between IE and FF.

    I have a script file that allows a user to page through a number of photographs using a 'next' or 'previous' button. To go in hand with each photo there is some narrative that is taken from an array within the script file that is displayed below the photo. The way it is coded I do a refresh within the code to redisplay the page with the correct narrative. This process works fine with FF but IE, both 6 and 7, just redisplays the first photo. I have tried all sorts of things and can't come up with a solution.

    It is actually online at http://www.isilwana.net/lusaka_peopl...ka-people.html as I only discovered the problem with IE after uploading the site.

    This is the first time I have used this forum, hope that there is some help out there.

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    IE is not holding the selected value in the select after the page reloads. There is no need to reload the page. You can change the source of the image with document.getElementById("foo").src="asdf.jpg"; and you can change the caption with innerHTML.

    Also there is no need for javascript: with the event handlers.

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