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    How can I create a Wizard-style dialog using Radio Buttons?

    Hi all,
    I'm new to JavaScript and to this forum. I'm trying to create a simple wizard style set of dialog boxes, with results based on radio buttons the user chooses.
    So far i'm over my head with sveral hours of googling and trying to find a decent code example.

    What I'm trying to do is something like this:
    Page 1: Asks question 1. User chooses from Radio1_1, Radio1_2 and Radio1_3, then clicks on next button to go to page 2.
    Page 2: Asks question 2. User chooses from Radio2_1, Radio2_2 and Radio2_3, then clicks on next button.
    Page 3: Gives a result based on combination of radio buttons given in previous pages.

    If you don't have an example for that, maybe this would be simpler (although messier and more work):
    Page 1: Asks question 1. User chooses from Radio1_1, Radio1_2 and Radio1_3, then clicks on next button. Next button leads to a next page according to chosen radio button (Page2_1 for Radio1_1, Page2_2 for Radio1_2 etc.)
    In this case I only need an example for one page (Page1), as the results page is already determined by the answer.

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this, or send me a link to similar pages that use one of these methods, so that I can look at their code.
    Once i get a code example, i'll be able to take it from there. This would really really help me.

    Thanks all!
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    i have been using the Dojo toolkit it can be found at www.dojotoolkit.com, this as a built in function for wizard style pages. if you can't find it in the v1.01 then check out v0.4.3 because that def contains what you are looking for.


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