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    Question Application closing all browser window till parent

    Hi All,

    I have a web application http://host/satya. I launch some other web applications(http://diffhost/tool, http://diffhost/csa, http://diffhost/rmp) hsted on different hostmachine using my application(through window.open()). The webapplication http://diffhost/csa launches an applet for login and if we try to launch multiple instance of this application on same system, It gives a warning that one instance of this application is already running on this system do u want to continue with another instance . OK CANCLE. if user clicks OK it lucnhes multiple instances otherwise if user clicks on cancel button it closes all the browser open through my application (http://host/satya) as well as my application browser window.

    I want to handle this setuation so it can close only the last instance of itself.

    Note : If we are opening this application through new browsers it closes only the instance where it is asking for confirmation, not all the browser windows. But when i am launcing it throgh my applciation it closes all the browser window till my web appliaction browser.

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    self.close() ?
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