I am using foldoutmenu3 within a website that contains frames. The page has two frames; left.html and right.html. Their frame names are also called left and right.

foldoutmenu3 is situated within left.html and i am trying to get it to open a page called new.html in the right frame. I have attempted many different ways but i just cant seem to get it to work. I dont know if its not working properly because i am writing within another javascript code already?

The new.html will open, only in a new page entirely and not in the desired 'right' frame. The designer of the page has left these instructions above the code that opens the menus/submenus but i dont think that im making proper sense of it.

Any help would be really greatly appreciated.

Many thanks -tim


//Making menus

type = what type of menu this item is (top,sub,sub2,sub3,sub4,sub5)
text = the text for the item
lnk = the link for the item (not needed if submenus)
target = the target for the link (not needed if no target or no link)
offimage = the default "arrow" image for this element (if you spesify no text, you can use the image only)
onimage = the image to swap to when clicked (not needed if you don't want a swap image)
fc = if you want the item to execute another javascript function aswell use this
opn = if you want this particilar item to be opened on load set this to 1 (0,1)

//MAIN 1