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    Unhappy Desperate need of help simpler version of pong


    im doing a school project which involces creating a reeeally basic Pong game in javascript. and i dont have the knowledge to do it. im in way over my head so im asking humbly if anyone out there could try this assignment?

    this is the explanation of the assignment:

    You should create a simple game that is a variant of Pong (one of the earliest computer games). A ball should come from the left side and go to the right. It should go a bit obliquely and the user, with arrow keys, should try to make sure the ball hits the "racket". With the arrow keys (up and down), the "rack" can be moved vertically. If the ball hits the rack, it bounces back. When the ball hits the left wall you get 1 point and the ball then bounces back. The score thus increases for each hit on the left wall. If the user misses the ball so that it reaches the right wall then the game is over.

    you couldnt understand how much i would appreciate this

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    @timbror - Welcome to CodingForums!

    Perhaps you haven't read our Forum Rules, specifically rule 1.5, which states the following:

    1.5) No homework assignments - Do not post your entire homework assignment and request that other members do it for you. This is considered cheating, and your thread may even be used by your school to prove your guilt. Now, you may ask for advice or help on a specific aspect of your assignment that you're having trouble with. Use common sense as far as what's acceptable in terms of soliciting help with homework assignments.
    You'd do well to either show us what you've done on this assignment so far, ask your teacher for some help, or start studying javascript just a little bit more.
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