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    .dataTables() jquery plugin question. Unformatted column needs formatted to currency.

    Ok, so I have a problem with a report I am working on using the dataTables jquery plugin. I am building the report with php and javascript, and the data I am using is coming from an associative array. each array in the associative array contains five pieces of info, the last two are numeric and looping through the associative array, nesting a loop through each array within it, I am populating the table. So what I end up with is a table with five columns, the first three of which are text, and the last two are numbers. I want to be able to format just the last two columns for currency. I don't want to format the data within the array before it is populated in the chart, because dataTables has sorting features that would be compromised. I have read the dataTables API, but it hasn't helped. If anyone has any ideas or experience with this issue, please help!

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    I don't want to format the data within the array before it is populated in the chart, ....
    When you take info from a database you put it into a variable. So we don't change the array, we will change the variable.

    ....because dataTables has sorting features that would be compromised.
    This part is not true. Looking at the source code of DataTables | Table plug-in for jQuery you will see that the far right column has dollar signs and commas in it. dataTables must be able to handle that cause it does right on that page. Please read instructions for this again.

    What is missing is What currency are you using? Dollars, pounds, etc.. Do you want commas or periods to group the amount? Do you have decimal values or is every thing round to the nearest whole number?
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    man, that datatables site is a mess, but i found what you need: rowCallback
    that lets you use a template or just code to turn the primitive data value into an html string that tucks inside the corresponding TD.

    edit: you might actually want http://datatables.net/reference/option/createdRow one of those will let you intercept the view without transforming the data.
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