Hello fellow Guru's and Experts in the Javscript world!

I am desperately seeking your help in attempting to move the div scroll position (auto scroll) to the center position relative to the target Nth row (using the table's row index) in an HTML table.

How can I add on functionality to my existing jQuery javascript code using the function highlight() to not only highlight the specified target row, but to also move the div container scroll position in sync to the center position, relative to the target Nth row in an HTML table?

For ease of reference, I have created a fiddle as well: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle

I am also jQuery friendly

Much thanks and appreciation for all your support and efforts on this one!

function highlight(tableIndex) {

    // Just a simple check. If .highlight has reached the last, start again
    if( (tableIndex+1) > rowCount) {

        tableIndex = 0;
    // Element exists?
    if($('#data tbody tr:eq('+tableIndex+')').length > 0) {
        // Remove other highlights
        $('#data tbody tr').removeClass('highlight');

        // Highlight your target
        $('#data tbody tr:eq('+tableIndex+')').addClass('highlight');

    else {