Wondering if anyone is now having issues with jQueryRotate.js for ie8. It's suppose to use VML for IE8 but I'm having the plugin script crash on me:
//SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'insertBefore': object is null or undefined
I have simple code and I cannot get it to work as of now.
<!-- HTML -->
<div class='wheels'>
<img class='trailer_wheel' src="./img/boat_trailer_wheel.png" />
and this is the JS
rotateWheels: function($mod) {
				var self = this;
				var trailerWheels = $('img.trailer_wheel');
				var angle = 0;
The code is an excerpt of what I have and there are no errors, runs fine on all browsers and touch devices.. just in stupid IE8 there is a JS error from the plugin and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this or is it just my copy or if someone has a older stable version or WTF am I doing wrong

Thanks in advance.