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    Bar width of bar chart

    Hi everyone!

    I'm creating a module that has a functionality of graphing using
    bar chart in jqplot.

    But i have this little problem:
    whenever I graph a single data, the width of bar
    in my bar chart is too wide.

    Is there a way to limit or set the maximum width of bars inside
    the bar chart?

    Thank you very much.

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    When you get new plug-ins the first thing you should do is READ THE FANCY MANUAL commonly dubbed RTFM. You may hear that many times in the future.
    From the manual http://www.jqplot.com/docs/files/jqPlotOptions-txt.html

    // BarRenderer.
    // With BarRenderer, you can specify additional options in the rendererOptions object
    // on the series or on the seriesDefaults object. Note, some options are respecified
    // (like shadowDepth) to override lineRenderer defaults from which BarRenderer inherits.

    seriesDefaults: {
    rendererOptions: {
    barPadding: 8, // number of pixels between adjacent bars in the same
    // group (same category or bin).
    barMargin: 10, // number of pixels between adjacent groups of bars.
    barDirection: 'vertical', // vertical or horizontal.
    barWidth: null, // width of the bars. null to calculate automatically.
    shadowOffset: 2, // offset from the bar edge to stroke the shadow.
    shadowDepth: 5, // nuber of strokes to make for the shadow.
    shadowAlpha: 0.8, // transparency of the shadow.
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    Thank you!

    bar width works


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