I have created a THREE.Object3D for a WC pan from raw data. It comprises meshes for the back and top and a THREE.Object3D made of lines for each of the straight profiled sides and highlighted curved profiled nose (like a ship's hull but horizontal).

The raw data is collected as JSON that for the nose face is:

        ... for each straight line and with control points to make quad and bezier curves.
I am not conversant with sharing this type of thing so can I explain simply that as I can I display this in my THREE.Scene, I would like other people to add it to their own THREE.Scenes. Can whoever needs a WC (model) simply point to the object (and if textures are involved image files) on my website somewhat like I can display the pic above but preserving the animatability and so on? I don't want to involve anything proprietary.

Maybe I am not thinking straight?