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    Jquery click function only able to click once

    Okay, so I am trying to get this jquery click function to change my data action to which ever option that it isn't. Meaning if it is open, then it needs to change to close. If it is close, then it needs to change to open. I have managed to do that except it will only do it once. Any ideas why??
    <div class="btn big span3 mod" data-id="1">
                    	<a href="/TrainingModules/index/1">
                        	<div class="modTitleBox">
                        <div class="modTools" data-id="1">
                        	<div class="modVis" data-action="close">
                            	<i class="icon-eye-open"></i>
                            <a href="/admin/TrainingModules/edit/1" class="modEdit" title="Edit">
                            	<i class="icon-wrench"></i>
      // ajax setup
        url: 'ajaxvote.php',
        type: 'POST',
        cache: 'false'
      // any voting button (up/down) clicked event
    	var self = $(this); // cache $this
    	//var child = self.child();
        var action = self.data('action'); // grab action data up/down
        var parent = self.parent().parent(); // grab grand parent .item
        var postid = parent.data('id'); // grab post id from data-postid
          // vote up action
          if (action == 'open') {
            // increase vote score and color to orange
            // parent.find('.vote-score').html(++score).css({'color':'orange'});
    		//$( "div.demo-container" ).html('<p>'+self.attr('data-action')+'</p>');
            // change vote up button color to orange
            // send ajax request with post id & action
            //$.ajax({data: {'id' : postid, 'hidden' : 0}});
          // voting down action
          else if (action == 'close'){
    		self.child().attr('class') = 'icon-eye-open';
            // send ajax request
            //$.ajax({data: {'id' : postid, 'hidden' : 1}});
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    If you do this in your function
    var self = $(this);alert(self);
    You get
    object Object
    , effectively you don't have a variable named self. You also don't have action or parent.

    And if this does work doesn't changing ('class', 'icon-eye-close') just put the kiss of death to your click function? Making it work only once.
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