The issue is from: Calculator Script

The web page using this script is: Configurator Page

Username: helper
Password: help1234

The author built this with jQuery 1.7.1. With the exception of this script, all my jQuery scripts works as they should on 2.0.3. The problem at hand does not occur up to version 1.7.2. After that, Sizzle/FireBug reports an issue regarding parsing issues with my checkbox arrays, which it sees as #options[], #services[], et cetera. It doesn't render the UL LI that it should when the checkbox arrays are selected. In fact, it breaks the change in options in the summary, but not the running total. You can see what I mean if you fiddle with it. So long as no checkboxes that are part of an array are checked, it's fine.

There is an escape for the brackets in the script under the renderItemizedSummary function, with the double backslash using .replace, but I don't know... Just, for some reason it just doesn't want to work properly with checkbox arrays. Removing the arrays is not an option.

Any kind of assistance would be be great. Even a hint or something. I've been behind on this project for three weeks because of this one stupid problem. Thanks!

NOTE: I did spend a good amount of time trying to retrofit this script to my needs, but my changes did not cause this problem. Also, the author of the script dropped the project in favor of a subscription-based, crippled, bandwidth-hogging, non-open source version. It is [paid] licensed to me, just so you know.