Hi there !

Need some help with a school project in javascript where I created an AI that As can answer the questions that the user enters in a textbox which generates a response.

This is the claim - specs :
When the AI ​​engine responds to a question , the user should be able to write that he is not satisfied with the answer and how it should have been , instead , if then asked the same question again, this response may be used.
Build a function so that the AI ​​engine can repeat what the user types , not word by word but by commands. Manage up to 3 commands. An example could be " Now I really want you to repeat everything I write " . If the command is then " repeat " the answer would be transformed into " everything I write " . The commands must be executed as free text - eg it is not allowed to just deal with the command at the beginning of a question to the AI ​​engine and repeat the rest - but the framework for how the entry should go to is optional.

I have coded issues with strings and also answer.

For example , color quality : what 's your name? generating Nisse .

I need to do so that the user can input your own answer in the program if he is not satisfied with my answer. Then my AI instead return with the new response when the issue is back .

I use node.js/visual2012 to write the application.

Here's a link to the project:

If anyone has the opportunity to take a look at this project it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance