The project I'm working on is plenty more difficult than what I'm posting about, but I'll start with this.

I'm trying to make a "table" (using ASP:Gridview) that scrolls automatically, dynamically updates, and updated data gets highlighted. Right now I am focusing on the first part. I've used a JS called "JScroller2" which I have configured to get auto scrolling and loops infinitely. The problem I'm having is I would like to get the grid to wrap on itself so users won't have to deal with a spanning blank space. I've got an example that I've been playing with on JSfiddle. I've tried adding the "Endless Scrolling" option in the JScroller 2 documentation, but so far it just tosses the table back to the bottom of the screen sooner and starts its scroll again from there.

I haven't been able to find any other JS or jquery plugins that I can work. Most I find are sliders that I can't seem to get to vertically scroll smoothly.
Any and all help is appreciated.