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    Jquery Liquid Slider controls not working

    I'm using the liquid slider found here: http://liquidslider.com/ on this page: http://www.emmaroche.ie/category/2013/

    The slider works as expected with one problem: the controls don't work. The code for the controls is:

        <div class="controls outside span5 offset7">
            <a href="#left" data-liquidslider-ref="slider-id" class="rslides_nav rslides1_nav prev"><span id="slider-prev"></span></a>
            <a href="#right" data-liquidslider-ref="slider-id" class="rslides_nav rslides1_nav next"><span id="slider-next"></span></a>
    With the important part being the 'data-liquidslider-ref' obviously.

    The code in the head is:

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
              autoHeight: true,
              autoSlide: false,
              slideEaseFunction: 'easeOutSine',
              dynamicArrows: false,
              slideEaseDuration: 550,
              crossLinks: true,
              autoSlideControls: true,
              autoSlideStartText: 'asas',
              autoSlideStopText: 'asad'
    I've used this slider many times before without a problem and with the same settings.

    Kind of stumped as to what the problem might be. I'd really appreciate any help.

    EDIT: Fixed the problem. The version of jQuery I was using was too old.
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