I had setup a slideshow on a (non-live - running locally) site I'm building using this:


It was working fine until earlier tonight, and then as I was doing some other work on the site (entering some meta-data keywords, etc.) I went back and saw that every time a picture changed in the slideshow, it will push down the text where you can even see the change happening downward, then the text jumps back up where it belongs after the change. Why this would be happening, I have no idea.

I'm using a download of jQuery 1.9.1 hosted on my drive that I loaded directly from jQuery. I experimented with a few older versions (I don't want to use version 2 as I want the site to be compatible with older browsers), and the problem won't go away. I tried entering the dimensions (height and width, or even height alone) somewhere in the code, and it doesn't make a difference (though perhaps I didn't do this correctly). BTW - all my pictures are 800 x 429 pixels.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've used a lot of hours of hair pulling to try and figure this out, and I feel stuck.

Here's the slideshow script code I have:
        $('.fadein img:gt(0)').hide();
    setInterval(function(){$('.fadein :first-child').fadeOut().next

('img').fadeIn().end().appendTo('.fadein');}, 7250);
and how I have the code setup to pull/place the images and use the script:
<div style="float: left; width: 80px;"><img src="Brown 
fill.png" alt="left side fill"></div>
<div class="fadein">
<img src="scene96WM.jpg" alt="orange">
<img src="scene97WM.jpg" alt="light green">
<img src="scene98WM.jpg" alt="blue">
<img src="scene20WM.jpg" alt="purple">
<img src="scene43WM.jpg" alt="salmon">
<img src="scene39WM.jpg" alt="yellow">
<img src="scene60WM.jpg" alt="red">
<img src="scene79WM.jpg" alt="lime"></div>
(my site has a 960 pixel width body, and I put the 80 pixel image that duplicates my background color for the body first to center the slideshow - this doesn't seem to be causing this jumping problem, as I even temporarily removed it, and the problem with the text jump, etc. remains).

I appreciate the assistance. I'm stumped, though a relative novice to this world...