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Thread: jQuery + Canvas

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    jQuery + Canvas

    Hello I am creating a website that lets the user move around hand-drawn letters for them to spell out what they wish. Afterwards I want them to have the functionality of saving their word/phrase to an image. I've searched the internet on how to do this and people are saying the best way to do this is by using the <canvas> element and have the canvas element be exported to an image file.

    What I want to know if my jQuery built website will interact with the canvas tag.
    To further elaborate...
    All the functionality of the letters such as drag and resize are done with jQuery UI.
    If I were to drag those letters on top of the <canvas> and then use canvas>img feature, will the letters register and save?
    Or would I have to generate the letters inside canvas directly and use canvas' drag and resize functionality for it to save??

    Hope my question makes sense.
    Thanks in advance.

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