I don't know anything about JavaScript but I've found a simple Slideshow-script which I like. For example, if you click on 3, image number 3 will show up in the Slideshow. I also managed to Google some code that makes it swipe through the images automatically with a 5 second interval. The only thing I miss with the script is "Next"/"Previous" links to be able to go through the image sequence directly instead of having to wait 5 seconds. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me out with this!

I'm attaching what I believe is the important part of the code:

PHP Code:
    <a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(0); return false">1</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(1); return false">2</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(2); return false">3</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(3); return false">4</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(4); return false">5</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(5); return false">6</a>
a href="#" onclick="$('.slideshow').blinds_change(6); return false">7</a>

a href="#" onclick="???????????">Previous</a>
a href="#" onclick="???????????">Next</a>

script type="text/javascript">
window).load(function () {
setInterval(function () {
          if ( 
== 0;
You can see the example here:

Thank you!