OK, so I had some help from folks on this site getting to this point.

When a user hovers on the html link I get the html content, in this case 'IO'. Now I need to find the matching 'term' attribute in the XML file, and then get the corresponding 'def' attribute. But I am stuck, nothing I have tried is working.

Any suggestions? I was hoping not to use the jQuery 'each' function, I believe that an attribute filter search is faster.

<item term="AAA" def="Anti-aircraft Artillary" rollover="Anti-aircraft Artillery" />

<item term="ABCCC" def="Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center" />

<item term="ABP" def="Air Battle Plan" />

<item term="IO" def="Information Operations" />

 <a class="glossaryLink" href="#" onmouseover="onRollOverPULink(this);" onmouseout="onRollOutPULink(event);" onclick="showHideGlossary('IO')">IO</a>
function onRollOverPULink(evt)
	alert($(theXMLFile).find($("attribute[term='" + evt.innerHTML + "']")));