I am quite new to programming JQuery and do not know any Javascript. This is actually my first thing I have programmed myself using JQuery, however I have come into a couple of problems.

Upon trying to implement the JQuery Ajax to improve loading time as less than 20% of this pages content will ever be showing at a singular time, everything was working accordingly.

My Page: https://tornhq.com/WorkingOn/Interac...urrent=default
My .txt File: https://tornhq.com/WorkingOn/Interac...ction-Info.txt

w3schools has a page with a "Try It Yourself!". Upon trying to implement my .txt file and not theirs, nothing happened.

I could do with some help to be able to push forward. Thank you for any time spent on providing any help and/or advice and could you please comment any code you provide so I can learn from what you have done.

Best Regards,