Hi Guys,

I'm stuck on this. I am using CarouFredSel and have the slider up and running perfectly. However, I am also trying to hook into its "onAfter" function that enables you to specify what happens after each transition. I am hiding some content by each slide, and then want to insert that content into a container visible on the page. Howver, it seems like my on after is only runing once.

Here is my code:

		responsive	: true,
		auto : true,
		circular: true,
		infinite: false,
		direction: "left",
		items		: {
			visible		: 1,
			width		: 870,
			height		: "46%"
		 scroll: {
onAfter: function() {
var pos = $(this).triggerHandler( 'currentPosition' );


var bacon = $(this).children('.slide.selected').children('.hidden-title').html();



And my HTML if it helps:

<div class="slide">
                        <img src="<? echo $url?>" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" width="870" height="400" />
                        <div class="hidden-title">
                        	<?php the_title(); ?>
                        <!-- .hidden-title --> 
                    <!-- .slide -->
Thanks in advance