Hi, I am building an app for personal use. Its main factionality is: 1) Get data from a spreadsheet with movies and store them in an array. 2) Loop through the array and create html elements. 3) User can select with mouse or keyboard arrows any movies by its cover and get its info/metadata.

extra 2.5) Load only the first 15 elements and go to step 3. If the user scroll to the end of the page, load 15 more elements and go to step 3 again.

Well I have 1,2,3 (jsFiddle) working together just fine. Also I have 1,2,2.5 (jsFiddle) working together just fine. The problem is to make them work together, always something will break. Please help as it drives me crazy. Also I am trying to make the code as efficient as possible, so if you find anything that can be done in a simpler way, please let me know.

In both links of jsFiddle, the html and the css are the same.