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    Append and remove an element

    Not sure if I am in the right section for this. I am currently designing a web page using javascript, html and css. The page is a seat booking seat which allows the user to select and unselect seats. I have managed to get the page to display id of the seat when the user have selected a seat, but I am having problems trying to remove id from the display if user unselects the seat.

    Below is the javascript code
    $('.available, .unavailable, .selected').click(function(){
            var ID = $(this).attr('class');
            if (ID == 'n unavailable' || ID == 'p unavailable') {
                alert ('Seat is already booked. Please select another seat.');
            else if (ID == 'n selected' || ID == 'p selected') {
                alert ('You have now unselected this seat.');
                $(this).html('<img src = "free.gif"/>');
                $("#seats").html("Number of seats selected: " + y);
            else {
                alert ('You have now reserved this seat. You can unselect it by clicking the seat again.');
                $(this).html('<img src = "selected.gif"/>');
                $("#seats").html("Number of seats selected: " + y);
                $("#list").append($(this).attr('id') + "</br>");

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    Your jQuery is a little inefficient. Also, alerts should only be used for debugging, not for production code, since some browsers allow to permanently disable alerts. You should find another way, e. g. with modal overlays or something like that.

    As to your problem: we need to see your HTML, too, in order to give you the most appropriate solution.


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