I'm using Lightbox to display a larger image once the thumbnail is clicked on. This works great however I'd like to add a link somewhere that you can click on to take you to another page that will have more information on that image. I've read a lot of things about making the title attribute a link but I'm having trouble getting that to work no matter what suggestion I try. Even when I do get the link to display correctly it doesn't take you anywhere when clicked upon. I'd prefer to go into the original Javascript and add a button that can be clicked on to take one to another page. I'd like this button to appear at the bottom of the image once it is shown in lightbox. Right next to the close button for example. The other thing that makes this more complicated is that not all of the image galleries I have that utilize lightbox have pages with more info. So as a result I would only want this button to appear on certain sets. Any suggestions??