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    trigger a function in a different code

    I have two javascript codes:

    The first one is a "onscreen keyboard" that allows to write special characters in an input:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    	var $write = $('#theFieldID'),
    		shift = false,
    		capslock = false;
    	$('#keyboard li').click(function(){
    		var $this = $(this),
    			character = $this.html(); // If it's a lowercase letter, nothing happens to this variable
    		// Shift keys
    		if ($this.hasClass('left-shift') || $this.hasClass('right-shift')) {
    			$('.symbol span').toggle();
    			shift = (shift === true) ? false : true;
    			capslock = false;
    			return false;
    		// Caps lock
    		if ($this.hasClass('capslock')) {
    			capslock = true;
    			return false;
    		// Delete
    		if ($this.hasClass('delete')) {
    			var html = $write.val();
    			$write.val(html.substr(0, html.length - 1));
    			return false;
    		// Special characters
    		if ($this.hasClass('symbol')) character = $('span:visible', $this).html();
    		if ($this.hasClass('space')) character = ' ';
    		if ($this.hasClass('tab')) character = "\t";
    		if ($this.hasClass('return')) character = "\n";
    		// Uppercase letter
    		if ($this.hasClass('uppercase')) character = character.toUpperCase();
    		// Remove shift once a key is clicked.
    		if (shift === true) {
    			$('.symbol span').toggle();
    			if (capslock === false) $('.letter').toggleClass('uppercase');
    			shift = false;
    		// Add the character
    		$write.val($write.val() + character);
    The second code allows to check if the user answer is right on wrong as he types:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    // Check if the answer of the user is right or wrong with javasript
    function validateAsYouType(inputElementId)
    	var valx = inputElementId.value;
    	var randomWord = "vs";
    	if (valx.length <= randomWord.length && valx == randomWord.substr(0, valx.length)) 
    			document.getElementById("theFieldID").style.color="blue"; // If right, put it in blue
    			document.getElementById("theFieldID").style.color="red"; // If wrong, put it in red
    	if( valx == randomWord)
    			document.getElementById("theFieldID").style.color="#339933"; // If right, put it in green
    Now I'm triggering the function "validateAsYouType" with a javascript onkeyup event:

    <form name='bank_words' action='answer.php' method='GET' id='theFormID'>
    <input onkeyup='return validateAsYouType(this);'   type='text' name='user_answer' autocomplete='off' id='theFieldID' autofocus='autofocus' autofocus />
    <script type='text/javascript'>theFormID.theFieldID.focus();</script>
    		    <ul id='keyboard'  >
    				<li class='letter' ></li><li class='letter'>č</li><li class='letter'>ď</li><li class='letter'></li><li class='letter'>ě</li><li class='letter'></li><li class='letter'>ň</li><li class='letter'></li><li class='letter'>ř</li><li class='letter'>š</li><li class='letter'>ť</li><li class='letter'>ů</li><li class='letter'></li><li class='letter'></li><li class='letter'>ž</li></ul>
    Problem is that the function "validateAsYouType" is not trigered when you execute the first code because no key is pressed.

    How can I trigger the function "validateAsYouType" is the first code? that is when the user clicks on the special letter then execute function "validateAsYouType"?

    Thanks a lot!
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