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    jQuery Twitter Live Search Query Plugin - incoming posts disappear/reappear


    jQuery Twitter live search query feed plugin from http://www.dreamtemplate.com/dreamco...ion/tweet.html

    Here is my implementation: http://rachellesays.com/twitter-try/tweet.html

    Made it refresh every second, and commented out "Searching Twitter" text from tweet.html to get rid of weird jumps every time it refreshed.

    However, whenever a new tweet comes in, it appears for a second or two, disappears, then reappears--doing this for three times or so almost like it's flashing.

    I have a feeling the issue is in jquery.tweet.js when a new post is being appended/binded (if you look @ source code thru browser, lines 223-243, near the last third of the code).

    ANY help on how to resolve this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

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    it's probably does to an older fetch arriving after the updated one.
    http fetches are not done in order: some can take a while.

    one second is way too little: the old ones can stack up, and twitter is going to turn you off after a few hours of war-hammering like your doing.

    plus, i would be pissed if i realized your page sucks 500mb per day from my data plan; that's ridiculousness!
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