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    Problem with jquery & AJAX GET


    I'm using jquery to make an Ajax GET call. Basically on my page I have 3 buttons to add products. What I want is for all 3 to be added to my shopping cart page at once. It works fine when I don't have a redirect and go to the cart page manually. The problem is when I add the redirect code, it only adds the first product. Any help on this problem would be much appreciated.

    var dlink1 = $('a.addlink1').attr('href'); 
    var dlink2 = $('a.addlink2').attr('href'); 
    var dlink3 = $('a.addlink2').attr('href'); 
    $('a.submitbutton').click(function() {
                type: 'GET',
                beforeSend: function() {
    if(dlink1 != '') { $.get(dlink1) }
    if(dlink2 != '') { $.get(dlink2) }
    if(dlink3 != '') { $.get(dlink3) }
               success: function() {
    window.location = '/cart.php';      
        return false;

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    var dlink1 = $('a.addlink1').attr('href'); 
    var dlink2 = $('a.addlink2').attr('href'); 
    var dlink3 = $('a.addlink2').attr('href'); // is this correct..?
    I would question why you are using classes, rather than ids, for what appear to be specific elements; particularly for 'submitbutton' - I assume there is only one.

    But, as far as a little digging tells me, the get() method is not used to add parameters to a url - unless I've missed something(?). You need to append these values manually using encodeURIComponent:
    window.location = '/cart.php?' + encodeURIComponent(somegets);
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