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    jQuery 'hiding' content on search output page

    Hello I was wondering if you may be able to help with this problem.

    I have a PHP search results output page. In the search results I want to have a copy button next to some of the results so users can easily copy them to their clipboard.

    The jQuery I'm using only works when I output the following script along with the results (i.e. it won't work if I just have it on the page statically).

    $('.copy').click(function() {
        var row = $(this).closest('td');
        var txt = row.find('span:first');
        window.clipboardData.setData('Text', txt.text());
        var range = document.body.createTextRange();
    the HTML...
    <td><span>Name from DB here</span> <button class="copy">COPY</button></td>
    <td><span>Phonefrom DB here</span> <button class="copy">COPY</button></td>
    <td><span>Email from DB here</span> <button class="copy">COPY</button></td>
    So yes it works if I do it that way, but everything above the script gets hidden (behaves like the elements have display: none set). I have a form above the script that needs to be on the page.

    Please help!!!

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    I don’t see anything that would hide the content. Use a debugging tool (usually built into the browser already) and see what really happens. Also, you are adding a “DOM ready” function to your script or loading it at the end of the document, aren’t you?


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