Hey everyone,
I'm creating a profile account login where a user can input all their information and upload a profile pic (with cropping features).

I'm currently using "PHP & jQuery image upload and crop v1.2"

Link to source:

I'm using wordpress and I have created a custom page to implement this feature.

After some minor adjustments I have gotten the tool working (for the most part).

I am able to upload a pic into the specified directory and select my area for cropping.

The issue comes when I try to save the new thumbnail after I have cropped the original image. I get a 404 error.

The reason I get this error is because my wordpress site is under a different directory than the root.

My wordpress is in a subdirectory like:

My jQuery script is located inside my custom_page_template.php for example:

When I access the page of where my script is hosted, it will automatically create me a new directory "upload_pic" where my images will be uploaded.

The link to the images uploaded will look like:

Notice that the "upload_pic" is not in the wordpress directory. That's okay with me for now...

Issue #1 (Now Fixed)
Whenever I uploaded a image file, the output img src link would be:

The actual link to the uploaded image:

I rewrote the script to go back one directory inorder for the image to appear.

The reason I mention this is because when it comes to cropping the image, the new cropped image wont save. I know this has to do with the directory of the image of where it is trying to store it at.

I believe is has a lot to do with variables $thumb_image_location and $large_image_location in the following script:

PHP Code:
if (isset($_POST["upload_thumbnail"]) && strlen($large_photo_exists)>0) {
//Get the new coordinates to crop the image.
$x1 $_POST["x1"];
$y1 $_POST["y1"];
$x2 $_POST["x2"];
$y2 $_POST["y2"];
$w $_POST["w"];
$h $_POST["h"];
//Scale the image to the thumb_width set above
$scale $thumb_width/$w;
$cropped resizeThumbnailImage($thumb_image_location$large_image_location,$w,$h,$x1,$y1,$scale);
//Reload the page again to view the thumbnail

Basically, I need to properly set the correct path to my images when uploading and cropping my image.

Without wordpress, the script works just fine. I am able to upload and crop. All my original image files and cropped files can be seen in the uploaded directory.

However, I want to implement this into wordpress but the issue with image path is giving a hard time. Any advice would be appreciated!

Please pm me if you want to see my live script. Thanks!