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    JQuery plugin, worth to create?

    Ok, this is not a question where I am having issues, but seeking an advise from you on JQuery plugin development. We have to agree, there are many JQuery plugins in different categories such as image gallery, form validations, effects and so on.

    I was about to create a basic JQuery plugin with methods. I am new in JQuery plugin development, but I do have my required tutorials to cretae one and I did make one before when learning.

    The question is:

    Is it worth to create a JQuery plugin with methods, or simply create an open source script plugin, where a user can modify freely and embed it in their websites?

    In other words, I do not see a huge difference, by creating a JQuery plugin with methods, with an open source JQuery or JavaScript plugin without methods where you can customize freely. For example, there is TinyMCE, a rich text editor, it is a plugin in pure JavaScript and does not propose methods for people to modify. If you want to modify to add/remove features, simply do it by coding as it is open source. TinyMCE just propose you a default functionality.

    However, the only advantage a JQuery plugin with methods will have is to let people who have poor knowledge on web to configure their plugin easily while an open source script plugin like TinyMCE for instance, you need to code by yourself if you want to ameliorate.

    What do you think?
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    I realize this doesn't answer your question, but why cant people edit a plugin? it's still plain text code. ( you can always provide a non compressed easy to read version of your code to users if you like)

    Plugins for jquery have advantages such as ( if done properly) they automatically avoid conflicts with the $ namspace, yes easy to configure, and they maintain the chainability (? i suppose thats a word) of jquery functions ( also when done properly)


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