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    Question jquery/javascript challenge

    Hi everyone,
    Since several weeks now, i try to put togheter in the same web page this 7 parts.
    My Source code of each:

    -Normal but fully jquery mobile input

    -Vertical Slider

    -Rotary Knob

    -Color Picker

    -DateTime Picker

    -Group Picker

    -Egg Image List Picker


    Like you see in this 7 sources exemples, all works very good individually.
    I really need for a project this 7 parts together on same page.

    Like i said, i try a lot since severals weeks to put all this 7 parts in ONE same page but i never see the end

    If someones need a full complete input like this or if you wanna try this challenge, I'am shure its possible.
    I'll be very curious to see the final result and source code of this Master page with 7 parts work all good together if you made or if you get it.

    Thanks a lot
    A tired man

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    Please show us what you have tried so far.

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    Arrow jquery/javascript challenge

    you can see the best try i made here :Master

    In order you see :

    1-datetime picker
    2-Group Picker
    3-Color Picker
    4-Vertical Slider
    5-Rotary Knob
    6-Egg Image List Picker
    7-Full jquery Mobile.


    -Datetime picker and Group picker is in conflict for shure.
    Datetime picker work good but made disable group picker like you see on master page.

    -Color picker is all good.
    -Vertical Slider is all good

    -Rotary Knob is good but miss value text input
    (see source code for see final result)
    Probably a conflict with jquery mobile value. Or conflict with vertical slider.

    -Egg Image List Picker dont work properly too.
    (see source code for see final result)

    -Jquery Full Mobile parts works not bad but have some mistake in toggle and slider horizontale input.Probably in conflict with vertical slider or Rotary Knob.


    I try a lot to put all my best for making work this 7 parts all togheter but i never see the end.

    Thanks if you could make something.

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    The ones that are causing conflicts need to be rewritten to make them unobtrusive.

    The most common problem is sharing global variables or overwriting event handlers.

    To resolve shared global events wrap the entire script inside a self executing function so as to make all the variables local to that function.

    To resolve overwriting event handlers use event listeners instead.
    Learn Modern JavaScript - http://javascriptexample.net/
    Helping others to solve their computer problem at http://www.felgall.com/

    Don't forget to start your JavaScript code with "use strict"; which makes it easier to find errors in your code.

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