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    Question How to display recent viewed products search result on a search bar using JQuery or J

    I was given a task to develop on the given code so that the "#quickSearch"

    The "#bar-b" div is the small main search bar that once I click on it, the "#quickSearch" div (the big search bar that I created) appears visible right underneath the small main search bar.

    IN that "#quickSearch" div I am trying to display a list of recently viewed items (which is labelled as the div "recentlyViewedItems" on HTML) as a filtered search result (the items that come up will depend on what I have put in the "#bar-b" div so for e.g. if I type in "C" I would immediately expect a list of items beginning with "C" to pop up in the "#quickSearch" div, think of it as when you type in a keyword on google search, a list of possible search results comes up in a new bar underneath, well I am trying to do something like that). If anyone can help me solve this problem I would be forever grateful, thank you very much in advance.

    In the jsfiddle.net website (that I posted below) I have the JQuery code which is linked to the HTML and CSS code (that I partly played around with by myself).

    http://jsfiddle.net/2MjPU/2/ - (the "recentViewedItems" div will not display properly on the results section on my computer, don't know if it will be the same case for anyone else who test this on their own pc).

    Any questions you have, feel free to ask. Yet again, thanks in advance.
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