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    few trouble with jquery itself and also uploading it on ftp

    hello first i really like this forum it helped me alot those few days
    i have some jquery issues
    i have some stuff that have some trouble like if i put 17 pictures only 16 will show everytime it shows 2-3 less pictures than it supposed to be and i dont know how to solve the problem
    i would appreciate any kind of help this would be great

    here is the code i took
    since i'm a newbie there are lots of stuff i dont know how to handle

    here is the website i started doing just the gallerie
    as u can see the gallerie is not showing now we get to question number 2
    question 2
    as long as i'm offline everything works really fine but in the minute i upload it on my ftp nothing works i mean except of the html itself like the logo that's all that works do i need any support for it in the server ??

    the third and last question
    how do i make a site management i mean the people i'm making the website for them want to be able to change very easy way the pictures and text that will be on the website
    i've heard about drupal but i don't know how to make this website as drupal

    thank you very much for the help

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    Paths to your images is your issue, as far as I can tell.

    Your website is under http://debojam.bugs3.com/personalgallerie/images/
    Your HTML images sources are mentioned as src="thumbs/personall1.jpg"
    If I navigate to http://debojam.bugs3.com/personalgal...personall1.jpg I get a 404 Error, which means the path is incorrect, or the image is missing.

    The way you wrote your code means that the 'thumbs' folder would be in the 'images' folder. If the thumbs folder is above the images folder in your structure, then you will need to use something like src="../../thumbs/personall1.jpg"

    JavaScript (and jQuery) are client side languages, which means that they are interpreted by your browser, nothing related to the server. So there is nothing special to install on your server.

    The links to the jQuery library and your other JS files looks correct to me.
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