I have a map that displays different airports, on clicking one of the airports (HTML/Dojo map) e.g ORD the user will be directed to a page with 5 tabs where each tab should display links to documents from a folder based on the airport they selected. Each tab displays certain documents related to ORD. Essentially I would need to display links based on what tab is selected from a directory. The directory can have subfolders specific to each airport and each tab.

Directory Set-Up
<sub-folder>Airport information (tab)
<sub-folder>Airport Development (tab 2)

Display on page

Airport Information | Airport Development
Info (link) Dev (link)
Info2 (link) Dev2 (link)
Dev3 (link)
Dev4 (link)

And so on for each tab related to ORD...

I need to do this dynamically so that the client doesn’t have to create or remove a link each time a new document is added or removed to a folder.

I am completely new at setting up anything like this . A specific explanation of what pages or scripts need to be created and where scripts should be placed would be extremely helpful.

Any help or suggestions on doing this would be highly appreciated!